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With Voice and Messaging Communications, Trust is a Two-Way Street

The past few years have demonstrated just how much we depend on our mobile phones – for services, connection and convenience. As a result, digital transformation is gaining significant momentum, and identity verification is becoming more critical than ever. Businesses need to have trust in knowing who their customers are and consumers need to trust that the company that is calling or texting them is indeed who they say they are. In a recent interview with Mobile World Live, iconectiv Senior Vice President George Cray provided insights on how the industry is working to re-establish trust in the global communications ecosystem and the role that iconectiv plays in pushing digital transformation forward while ensuring service providers comply with regulations.
May 2, 2022
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Do You Take Calls from Numbers You Don’t Recognize? Odds Are, You Don’t

In this day and age, where so many in-person interactions have been replaced with remote engagements, digital transformation has become fundamental. As a result, businesses and consumers are relying on their mobile devices more than ever – utilizing voice and text communications to navigate their personal and professional lives. But with more than 85 billion spam phone calls being placed globally each year – costing trillions of dollars in lost business and productivity – keeping both the voice and messaging ecosystem safe for consumers and attractive to business is critical. In a recent interview with Mobile World Live, iconectiv CTO Chris Drake answered these questions, and discussed how to further build trust in communications, insights on new solutions to better identify legitimate businesses and more.
Apr 25, 2022
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How Service Providers are Weeding Out Illegal Robocalls, SMS Spam and Other Fraud Before It Reaches Consumers

Each year, communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide lose over US$39 billion to fraud such as illegal robocalls, SMS phishing (“smishing”) and “wangiri” callback schemes, according to the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) and analyst firms. During the panel session, “Protect Your Customers from One-Ring Scams: Trusted Tools to Fight Fraud,” iconectiv telecom fraud expert David Estes will discuss how CSPs are upgrading their existing call-blocking analytics to identify calls from high-risk and unallocated number ranges and suspicious premium-rate numbers.
Apr 22, 2022
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iconectiv Toll-Free-Number Expert Mike Gilbert Elected ATIS SNAC Co-Chair

Years of illegal robocalls, SMS spam and fraud have undermined consumer trust in voice calls and text messages, including those from toll-free numbers. Restoring trust is critical for service providers and all the retailers, schools, healthcare providers and other organizations that depend on toll-free numbers to inform and engage consumers. As a new co-chair of the ATIS SMS/800 Number Administration Committee (SNAC), iconectiv Senior Account Director Mike Gilbert will oversee key toll-free number industry initiatives such as ensuring consumer trust in voice calls and text messaging.
Apr 21, 2022
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The Path to Trusted Voice Calls and Text Messages

In an effort to stave off the more than 85 billion illegal robocalls placed each year, as well as SMS phishing (“smishing”) and other fraud, industry players have banded together to keep the voice and messaging ecosystem safe for consumers and attractive to businesses. Abe Nejad, publisher of The Network Media Group, recently sat down with iconectiv Senior Vice President George Cray during Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona to discuss the latest on STIR/SHAKEN, Registered Caller™ and industry trends.
Apr 19, 2022
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Rich Call Data Helps Increase Call Answer Rates, Restores Consumer Trust

This year, consumers will lose $40 billion to fraudulent robocalls. The deluge of illegal robocalls also has conditioned 58 percent of consumers to answer calls only from numbers they recognize. This makes it difficult, expensive and sometimes impossible for hospitals, schools and other legitimate organizations to reach consumers. At a SIPNOC 2022 panel, Rich Call Data (RCD) Best Practices: Building Trust for Future Success, John Haraburda, Principal Solutions Engineer at iconectiv, will explore how RCD is poised to help increase call-answer rates by providing an enhanced caller ID display that includes a company’s name, logo and call intent.
Mar 17, 2022
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Understanding How Service Providers and Regulators Can Prepare for SHAKEN’S Global Expansion at SIPNOC 2022

With more than 85 billion spam phone calls placed globally each year costing trillions in lost business and productivity, keeping the voice ecosystem safe for consumers and attractive to business is an objective we all share. In the U.S., service providers and industry players have been focused on implementing solutions designed to ensure the integrity of communications networks and mitigate any call-answering hesitation. During the SIPNOC 2022 panel session, SHAKEN Goes Global: Opportunities and Challenges for Service Providers and Regulators Worldwide, George Cray, Senior Vice President at iconectiv, will outline a set of shared, technological best practices to extend this trust-restoring framework across country borders.
Mar 16, 2022

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Contact Center Spotlight

In this installment of the series, we are going to take a deeper dive into the various communications channels, how contact centers can leverage them, what customer experience (CX) professionals need to know, and more.
Jan 12, 2023

VanillaPlus Issue 6 2022: Reinvention doesn’t mean the wheel

In this interview, iconectiv’s EVP, Head of Information Solutions Business, Peter Ford, speaks on his vision for the reinvented teleco. Ford shares his thoughts on how CSPs can reinvent themselves and discover new streams of revenue by focusing on their ability to verify identity and drive value from voice. This issue also includes a case study on how iconectiv has created tools to help CSPs navigate complicated regulations surrounding caller ID.
Dec 23, 2022

iconectiv Senior Vice President George Cray Takes His Fraud-Fighting Expertise to the Global Speaker Circuit in 2022

Mobile phone numbers now rival Social Security and driver’s license numbers as the personal identifier that consumers use to register for financial services – now making them the data of choice for account takeovers and other identity theft.
Dec 13, 2022

Interview with FOX: Scammers taking over bank accounts, stealing funds

FOX Houston’s Heather Sullivan warns viewers of their bank accounts being taken over. In an interview, iconectiv’s Senior Vice President, George Cray, provides expert insight on how fraudsters are able to steal bank account information and funds. First, scammers will text victims, as if there is an issue with their bank account, prompting victims to click the link and log in. Once the victim enters their information, the fraudster will access the account, change the password and drain the funds. Cray advises viewers to look for texts from short codes, which are more trustworthy, monitor bank accounts for unexpected withdrawals, use strong passwords and an antivirus firewall and to not use WiFi at hotels or restaurants.
Dec 9, 2022

Why Service Providers and Site Companies Need to Speak a Common Language for 5G

5G is all about speed — and not just gigabit throughput. For service providers, 5G speed is also about how quickly they can build out sites to meet customer demand. Service providers that add sites quickly can sign up consumers and enterprises before their slower moving rivals can.
Dec 6, 2022

An Easy-to-Deploy Fraud-Control Handshake for Voice Operators is Here: When Will it Takeoff?

In this interview, Vasily Birulin discusses how the Trusted Communications Superheroes at AB Handshake are protecting the world, one call at a time. The upstart company introduced a new, low cost and easy to implement solution that can have a major industry impact when influential operators and/or regulators adopt it. AB Handshake is a perfect example of iconectiv’s Traffic Fraud Fighters.
Dec 5, 2022

Interview with ABC: Here's how thieves may use your phone to steal from you

ABC Austin’s Erica Proffer cautions viewers of fraudsters that are taking advantage of the holiday shopping season using text scams. In an interview, iconectiv’s Senior Vice President, George Cray, provides expert information on why scammers are heading towards texts. Cray explains that text messages are more likely to be opened and engaged with than an email scam. Some common text scams this season include information on gift cards or shipping delays. iconectiv advises viewers to be wary of texts with a sense of urgency, requests for personal information or sent from a standard 10-digit phone number. Cray explains that large companies will often use short codes. These are more trustworthy due to the vetting and monitoring process to ensure they are not being exploited or used for scams.
Nov 23, 2022




Every year, hundreds of customer experience professionals from across the U.S. gather for this industry-leading event. The conference delivers powerful keynotes, virtual demos, networking sessions and more.

MWC Las Vegas 22

MWC Las Vegas, in partnership with CTIA, is the GSMA’s flagship event in North America, showcasing the hottest trends in connectivity and mobile innovation. This is where the ecosystem meets face-to-face to build strong relationships. And it’s where we use our collective knowledge to accelerate technology and drive human progress. This is where the mobile ecosystem, technology industry and vertical industries affected by connectivity, come to explore the themes that are shaping our world.

SOMOS Summit 2022

iconectiv will be joining service providers and regulators at the SOMOS Summit 2022 in Denver, CO on September 27-28, 2022. iconectiv experts will be onsite to discuss how industry players can best protect telephone numbers and provide further information on the intelligence phone numbers inherently have. To connect with iconectiv during SOMOS Summit 2022, visit the link here.

Transform Together NYC

Twilio’s Transform Together, a live event series hosted in cities worldwide, focuses on bringing customers, partners and business leaders together to contribute insights and learn new ideas about building the future of digital engagement.

MEF Webinar- STIR SHAKEN in North America: Lessons learnt, RoboCalls stopped?

Globally telecom users have been suffering RoboCalls, or nuisance calls. The USA and Canada have introduced call tracing capability that should help stop unwanted and fraudulent calls to reach the final consumers – what was then called STIR SHAKEN. Different levels of protection have been rolled out, but the problem seems to persist. MEF is holding a webinar to examine the lessons that have been learned from STIR SHAKEN and what the future holds for RoboCalls.

Common Interest Group on Routing and Rating Working Group (CIGRR)

iconectiv will host the third quarter Common Interest Group on Routing and Rating (CIGRR) work group session in-person on July 12th – 14th, 2022. This three-day meeting provides an interactive forum for CIGRR to recommend advanced direction to the TruOps Telecom Routing Administration (TRA). TRA is the primary source of numbering, routing, and rating data in support of an intercompany information exchange process for the telecommunications industry. TRA provides data and services for the…

Messaging & SMS World

Messaging and SMS World 2022 will bring together the biggest players in the global messaging and SMS community to explore the latest developments in areas including RCS, OTT Messaging, Omnichannel, CPaaS, A2P/P2A messaging and fraud/security solutions.