proactive fraud prevention through reliable data

go on the offense against fraud

iconectiv TruNumber Protect is the offensive line for your business. It helps prevent fraud and suspicious activity, including international revenue share fraud (IRSF), PBX hacking fraud and interconnection-related revenue leakage including fraudulent roaming calls to premium rate services by providing intelligence about terminating numbers. With TruNumber Protect, you can expect reliable, actionable data and a proactive approach to fraud prevention.

combating fraud through accurate data

TruNumber Protect provides a comprehensive database of high-risk and unallocated number ranges by leveraging authoritative dial plan data, which is in a common format and covers over 245 countries and territories worldwide. These datasets enable service providers to pinpoint and flag potential fraudulent calls and take immediate preventive action before completion of such identified calls. The intuitive, cloud-based user interface lets you “slice and dice” the data to load into routing tables, switches or least cost routing mechanisms. This empowers you to decide what traffic to block and monitor.

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telecom fraud is constantly evolving

Fraudsters are ever more devious, the methods ever more sophisticated. The undesirable result for service providers is substantially depleted revenue due to interconnection-related fraud. IRSF manifests itself in artificial inflation, with hacked Private Branch Exchanges (PBX), subscription fraud and Wangiri fraud as some of the more common methods.

IRSF capitalizes on International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRN) and unallocated numbers to perpetuate the sending of fraudulent calls and SMS messages worldwide. The only truly effective way to reduce IRSF is to identify and stop the crime before it takes place, on the first fraud attempt. Reduce the financial rewards and you’ll reduce the fraudsters.

TruNumber Protect helps service providers fight fraud. The heart of the platform is iconectiv’s authoritative, consolidated database comprising information from national regulators, telecom consortiums, industry associations and numbering administrators from around the world.

With TruNumber Protect, you can:

  • Proactively identify and block fraudulent calls to high-risk number ranges
  • Obtain early warnings for fraud prevention teams on impending attacks
  • Stop future fraud rather than relying on blacklists associated with past fraud events
  • Immediately block fraudulent calls to high-risk numbers, including unallocated and premium rate numbers
  • Give early warnings to your fraud prevention team whenever a high-risk number is being dialed
  • More efficiently use fraud prevention team resources