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Your customer service representatives are pressed for time on a daily basis. Customers expect help quickly. If your reps do not have access to your company’s Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) account or need to spend more than a few minutes searching for the correct information to validate that the person on the phone is a customer, the risk of losing that customer is high.

With iconectiv TruNumber Finder, your reps can answer customer queries confidently, accurately and quickly. The real-time data allows them to validate if the person is a current customer, whether your company offers coverage in the customer’s area, and if the phone number was ported correctly.


TruNumber Finder is not limited to customer service representatives. Number code administrators can quickly ensure the availability of sufficient numbering assets and number blocks; eliminate numbers in a block owned by another provider; and look up, export and enter a number or range of numbers into the network system through TruNumber Finder. Network operators can determine ownership information, access critical routing information to eliminate uncertainty during post-port validation, view phone number history and access administration information with the click of a button.

Available as a separate commercial offering for authorized users of the U.S. Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC), TruNumber Finder provides a simple, seamless and secure way to keep track of the tens of million phone numbers ported each year in the United States.

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simple, cost-effective solution

While there are tools you might already be using to find number porting information, they might not be the most time efficient. Every minute a customer is on the line waiting for your representatives to access the critical information they need leads to a higher chance that your customers will become disenfranchised and switch to a competing service provider. TruNumber Finder is like a search engine to the US NPAC database. It enables you to quickly and easily access real-time information to answer customer queries, verify a phone number was ported and access critical historical and routing information in fractions of a second.

TruNumber Finder allows you to:

  • Streamline customer service calls. Access critical data in real-time to view the service provider of record and historical data for ported numbers and gain valuable insight to resolve customer service issues related to coverage and service area.
  • Manage numbering resources. Quickly view phone number information including number code and block ownership to identify individual numbers that have been ported out and complete post-port validation to ensure the number was ported correctly. Avoid customer and call impacting issues through efficient management of number pooling and administration related to number block exceptions.

With TruNumber Finder, you are in control of who has access to number portability data and can easily add or remove users as needed. The easy to learn, cost-effective tool is simple, seamless and secure.

Get started with TruNumber Finder today by visiting the product website.