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increasing trust and simplifying verification for voice, text, and data

Voice. Text. Data. They connect billions of people every single day. The speed, convenience, and sheer variety of telecommunications options is unparalleled compared to any point in human history. Yet despite their ubiquity, formidable challenges remain. The growing volume of spam and scams amidst legitimate communications makes it more challenging for businesses to efficiently reach consumers. At the same time, consumer trust in their communications is eroding fast.


Consumers cannot be sure that the calls and text messages they receive from businesses are legitimate as opposed to spam, or worse yet, outright scams. The same challenge will surface quickly in Rich Business Messaging (RBM), once adoption of the GSMA standard for Rich Communications Services (RCS) expands to B2C communications.

iconectiv TruReach Intel is here to help telecommunications industry professionals overcome the hurdles they face in serving their audience, due to growing trust issues with voice, text, and data communications from unknown parties. It gives stakeholders at every level—from Service Providers, to Aggregators, to Content Providers and Application Developers—the ability to enhance the trust in their communications, while at the same time streamlining back-end processes  

TruReach Intel streamlines processes for company verification and approval and provides a better, more trustworthy customer experience for voice, text and data channels all from a single registration point.

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TruReach Intel for voice:

  • Helps service providers verify legitimate calls from businesses to consumers
  • Avoids legitimate B2C call centers from being labeled as spam by providing number authentication across networks
  • Supports the enablement of enhanced Caller ID, which can include brand names and logos

TruReach Intel for text helps:

  • Aggregators by simplifying processes for onboarding SMS and MMS sender addresses onto the mobile networks that connect short codes, toll-free numbers,  10-digit long codes (10DLC) and alphanumeric names to applications and the campaigns they represent
  • Service providers maintain the integrity and performance of their mobile networks
  • Commercial message delivery to subscribers via a legitimate path
  • Application providers work with businesses to launch new programs rapidly and with maximum reach

TruReach Intel for data:

  • Verifies businesses and their chatbots are legitimate and provides a digital signature to protect from impersonation by fraudsters
  • Gives content and application providers confidence that their rich business messages will be delivered through a trusted and legitimate path
  • Verifies ownership of logos and service marks so they can be displayed to end users
  • Provides a better experience for service provider customers, by helping ensure the legitimacy of their business chatbot
  • Helps mobile network operators (MNOs) and application providers manage campaigns through robust reporting on application/program status