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For SMS aggregators, application providers and service providers, non-optimal routing and rating can get very expensive, very fast. It can lead to unnecessary interconnection charges, severely impacting costs. In addition, for service providers, it can lead to more dropped calls and text messages, a serious customer service risk. All of these potential pitfalls stem from inaccurate data.

iconectiv TruNumber Routing, one of the industry’s most robust numbering tools, can help provide optimal routing and rating data and the prevention of unnecessary revenue leakage.

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accurate data, straight from the source

TruNumber Routing delivers detailed, continuously updated data on a country-by-country basis, as well as global number range information. Use it to minimize interconnection-related revenue leakage by accurately routing and rating voice and SMS traffic. As a world-leader in numbering platforms, iconectiv provides routing data for ported numbers for nations all over the globe.

Don’t let unreliable data drive up your routing costs. TruNumber Routing provides you with the data you need to ensure accurate, least-cost routing every time.

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intelligent call routing

The ever-changing datasets caused by the constant porting of numbers, and the never-ending changes in numbering plans, present huge challenges for service providers, SMS aggregators, VoIP and content providers looking to efficiently manage interconnections and traffic termination. Reliable number portability information is essential for the cost-efficient routing of messages and voice calls.

Keeping up to date with the data can be expensive and time-consuming. Using incorrect data, however, can significantly impact revenue and decrease profits. Dropped text messages and incorrect routing to ported numbers mean dissatisfied customers and damaged brand integrity.

TruNumber Routing is a number portability information service that can integrate with the call processing or message set-up process to validate the terminating service provider and determine the optimal route to successful completion. This enables calls and messages to be sent via the least-cost routes in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

TruNumber Routing delivers authoritative number information you can count on to:

  • Prevent routing errors, interconnection charges and transit fees
  • Boost revenues with successful call and message terminations to ported numbers
  • Quickly identify service providers associated with given phone numbers
  • Improve customer service with decreased instances of incorrect routing to ported numbers
  • Receive convenient delivery via a frequently-updated database download
  • Query faster with a robust query functionality, providing info for 50+ countries