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The misuse of communication networks is a problem for network operators worldwide. Bad actors exploit communication networks to place nearly 85 billion illegal robocalls per year globally. As a result, consumers are losing trust in the authenticity of caller IDs.

In the United States, illegal robocalls and caller ID spoofing is mitigated with the nation’s Calling Number Verification Service. The service uses TruReach Certify as the Policy Administrator function, which supports the SHAKEN framework. As a result, legitimate calls within the U.S. can be verified through this service, so people know and trust that caller ID information is accurate.

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As a trusted partner to the communications industry, iconectiv is working with major stakeholders and organizations all over the world to address illegal robocalling and caller ID spoofing. TruReach Certify is already deployed in the United States as the Policy Administration for the nation’s Calling Number Verification Service, which is based on the SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) framework. TruReach Certify is the best way to ensure caller ID information is authenticated and verified regardless of the country in which the call originated.

Whether you need to deploy a nationwide framework or simply guarantee all calls terminating in jurisdictions that have implemented SHAKEN, such as the U.S., are verified upon arrival, TruReach Certify can ensure your caller ID verification solution meets industry standards, works between service providers and is accepted across borders.

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what is the SHAKEN framework?

The SHAKEN framework is a set of specifications that, when implemented, help service providers verify caller IDs between networks to enhance their efforts to mitigate robocalling and spoofing. TruReach Certify serves as a trust anchor in this unique framework to ensure the exchange of digital certificates is limited to authorized service providers. With this unique service, terminating service providers will be able to recognize when caller IDs are authentic and have not been tampered with by outside parties.

The TruReach Certify trust anchor provides secure tokens to authorize originating service providers to use cryptographic signatures for each call. This allows terminating service providers to know they are viewing accurate information about the calling party. TruReach Certify also allows service providers to identify the origin of the call in a manner that cannot be falsified or tampered with –even if they have passed through many different networks. This information allows bad traffic to be stopped promptly, as opposed to merely flagged.

TruReach Certify works in the same way when SHAKEN calling number verification is required for calls that cross international borders. The same policy administration function can be used as part of a broader trust anchor that encompasses the comparable functions in other jurisdictions. By being able to operate across borders, TruReach Certify can successfully mitigate illegal robocalls giving enterprises and customers confidence that calls are verified.