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a single, centralized system

iconectiv TruNumber Portability Clearinghouse is designed for regulators to introduce and administer number portability and simplify port processing for service providers. It ports all number types through one comprehensive and centralized system, ensuring a simple, secure and scalable platform that helps meet all regulatory mandates and national number portability requirements. TruNumber Portability Clearinghouse also helps drive choice and convenience for consumers and sparks industry competition and innovation.

a smoother porting process

TruNumber Portability Clearinghouse delivers quick and accurate number exchanges for all service providers – wireless, wireline, VoIP and cable. It dramatically simplifies every step of the porting process, enabling a no-hassle rollout and a better overall experience by:

  • Ensuring all service providers are following the same procedures in handling port requests
  • Tracking port request stats, routing data and history
  • Monitoring port activity in real time
  • Leveraging commercial, off-the-shelf software for cost-effective deployment
  • Integrating smoothly with service provider environments
  • Offering flexible business model options

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planning a national number portability platform

Number portability is a winning proposition for all key stakeholders.

  • Consumers have the freedom to choose and switch service providers at will while maintaining their phone number.
  • Regulators can better allocate limited numbering resources, level the competitive playing field, encourage expansion and drive the innovation
  • Service providers can acquire customers and generate higher Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) through new services.

The successful implementation of number portability requires close collaboration among regulators and service providers. Best practices call for a centralized, shared number portability clearinghouse platform featuring the combination of centralizing port order request handling and a single national reference database for all ported numbers enabling direct routing. Developing and implementing a number portability platform, requires: well-defined policies and end-to-end business rules for porting, including port durations and penalties. It should include clear principles on platform ownership, cost allocation, recovery and inter-operator tariffs and include a realistic project schedule to ensure a working implementation from the day the portability service is made available.

To increase customer adoption, regulators should be aware of key issues such as subscriber awareness, simplicity and speed of porting transactions and cost per transaction. Reducing the time and costs associated with number portability transactions stimulates user adoption and achieves the benefits promised by number portability.