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Contact Center Spotlight

In this installment of the series, we are going to take a deeper dive into the various communications channels, how contact centers can leverage them, what customer experience (CX) professionals need to know, and more.
Jan 12, 2023

VanillaPlus Issue 6 2022: Reinvention doesn’t mean the wheel

In this interview, iconectiv’s EVP, Head of Information Solutions Business, Peter Ford, speaks on his vision for the reinvented teleco. Ford shares his thoughts on how CSPs can reinvent themselves and discover new streams of revenue by focusing on their ability to verify identity and drive value from voice. This issue also includes a case study on how iconectiv has created tools to help CSPs navigate complicated regulations surrounding caller ID.
Dec 23, 2022

iconectiv Senior Vice President George Cray Takes His Fraud-Fighting Expertise to the Global Speaker Circuit in 2022

Mobile phone numbers now rival Social Security and driver’s license numbers as the personal identifier that consumers use to register for financial services – now making them the data of choice for account takeovers and other identity theft.
Dec 13, 2022

Interview with FOX: Scammers taking over bank accounts, stealing funds

FOX Houston’s Heather Sullivan warns viewers of their bank accounts being taken over. In an interview, iconectiv’s Senior Vice President, George Cray, provides expert insight on how fraudsters are able to steal bank account information and funds. First, scammers will text victims, as if there is an issue with their bank account, prompting victims to click the link and log in. Once the victim enters their information, the fraudster will access the account, change the password and drain the funds. Cray advises viewers to look for texts from short codes, which are more trustworthy, monitor bank accounts for unexpected withdrawals, use strong passwords and an antivirus firewall and to not use WiFi at hotels or restaurants.
Dec 9, 2022

Why Service Providers and Site Companies Need to Speak a Common Language for 5G

5G is all about speed — and not just gigabit throughput. For service providers, 5G speed is also about how quickly they can build out sites to meet customer demand. Service providers that add sites quickly can sign up consumers and enterprises before their slower moving rivals can.
Dec 6, 2022

An Easy-to-Deploy Fraud-Control Handshake for Voice Operators is Here: When Will it Takeoff?

In this interview, Vasily Birulin discusses how the Trusted Communications Superheroes at AB Handshake are protecting the world, one call at a time. The upstart company introduced a new, low cost and easy to implement solution that can have a major industry impact when influential operators and/or regulators adopt it. AB Handshake is a perfect example of iconectiv’s Traffic Fraud Fighters.
Dec 5, 2022

Interview with ABC: Here's how thieves may use your phone to steal from you

ABC Austin’s Erica Proffer cautions viewers of fraudsters that are taking advantage of the holiday shopping season using text scams. In an interview, iconectiv’s Senior Vice President, George Cray, provides expert information on why scammers are heading towards texts. Cray explains that text messages are more likely to be opened and engaged with than an email scam. Some common text scams this season include information on gift cards or shipping delays. iconectiv advises viewers to be wary of texts with a sense of urgency, requests for personal information or sent from a standard 10-digit phone number. Cray explains that large companies will often use short codes. These are more trustworthy due to the vetting and monitoring process to ensure they are not being exploited or used for scams.
Nov 23, 2022