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solving problems, billions of connections at a time


Communication is our lifeblood. It’s what makes the world run and gives our lives meaning. Though technology evolves, the need to connect never changes. While technological advances make communications simpler and more ubiquitous, interconnecting it across the infrastructure and delivering it to the right person is enormously complex. Efficiently interconnecting disparate applications, networks and devices is critical in a world without boundaries. A world where accessing and exchanging information anywhere, anytime is simple, seamless and secure. That’s what iconectiv does better than anyone. See how our TruOps, TruNumber, TruReach solutions can help you address the communication challenges you face every day.





confidence in communication 

Between maximizing efficiencies, decreasing operational costs and safeguarding customer data, service providers have more phone numbering challenges than ever before. By leveraging accurate, precise data, iconectiv TruNumber, our comprehensive suite of numbering products, can help you address these issues head-on.
The products that are part of TruNumber enable service providers to seamlessly transfer phone numbers from one service provider to another, improve network planning through data insights and combat phone fraud. With your business powered by TruNumber, you can provide a more positive customer experience while driving revenue growth and operational efficiencies.

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put an end to inaccuracy

Service providers are expected to route, rate and bill for billions of calls and messages accurately. At the same time, you are under constant pressure to maximize efficiencies and improve network planning, with less time and resources. In order to achieve these objectives, you need efficient access to reliable, scalable and proven systems and processes. That’s where iconectiv TruOps comes in.

TruOps helps ensure access to critical data and provides key insights to help you better control inventory, reduce capex and improve network planning and ensure accurate call routing, rating and billing.

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enhance trust

New technologies, emerging regulations and evolving industry guidelines have revolutionized the way brands and consumers connect and engage with one another.  Building that engagement on a foundation of trust is paramount.

The products part of TruReach help you simplify the increasingly complex messaging ecosystem and drive consumer confidence by ensuring that the right call or message is delivered to the right recipient at the right time.


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keeping the world connected

iconectiv leverages its unparalleled industry leadership and expertise to

simply, seamlessly and securely solve communications challenges for more than 5,000 companies worldwide



iconectiv - the LNPA for the United States

As the Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) for the United States, iconectiv manages the nation’s Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC).  The largest system of databases of ported phone numbers in the world, the U.S. NPAC includes more than 500 million phone numbers for ~1600 service providers, service bureaus and providers of telecom-related services.

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"I chose to work at iconectiv primarily because of the integrity and dedication of the people with whom I’d be working. I also was excited to be part of a major industry transition with the NPAC project."
Cathy McMahon
Senior Director Account Management
"I was impressed by iconectiv’s success in North America and the opportunity to build the business in EMEA. Operating like a start-up within a mature organisation is not without its challenges but it’s great to be part of such a vibrant sales team."
Peter Ford
Senior Vice President, Head of Sales
"Customer satisfaction is my biggest motivator. Being able to work closely with telecom regulators to enact new regulations that result in an increase in portability transactions, means that consumers are better served and we are accomplishing our goals."
Angelica Ford
Sr. Account Director

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