helping the hearing and speech impaired communicate

There are more than 44 million Americans who are hard of hearing or require speech communication assistance. It’s a number that is currently outpacing the American population growth. 

iconectiv is the provider of the Telecommunications Relay Services Numbering Directory for Internet-based TRS (iTRS) in the U.S. In that role, we help ensure those who are hard of hearing or require speech communication assistance can continue to rely on landline and mobile phones to communicate.

ensuring the connection continues

iconectiv operates the TRS Numbering Directory for iTRS services on behalf of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In this role, iconectiv utilizes its experience as a trusted telecommunications partner to help fixed, mobile, VoIP and other authorized iTRS service providers route calls to United States residents who are iTRS users.

Through the Internet-based Telecommunications Relay Services, hearing and speech impaired Americans are able to communicate with friends, family, businesses and government agencies. As the provider of iTRS, iconectiv is keeping this connection going strong.