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NMG: Towers, Neutral Hosts and Data Centers Session with iconectiv

Senior Director at iconectiv, John Hayes, and Publisher at The Network Media Group, Abe Nejad, discuss neutral hosts, data centers and their role in Telco and 5G rollout with Futurum Research’s Ron Westfall, Orkay Consulting’s Ravi Puvvala and AvidThink’s Roy Chua.

Watch the full segment here. On-Demand August 3rd - Towers, Neutral Hosts and Data Centers: The Impact on Telcos and 5G Rollouts. — The Network Media Group

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john hayes

John Hayes

Senior Director, iconectiv

As Senior Director at iconectiv, John Hayes is responsible for leading the company’s global product cost analysis efforts, fixed asset management and regulatory compliance and reporting initiatives. With over more than 30 years of experience in telecommunications, Hayes has led strategic campaigns to improve network operations for global carriers centered around new investments, utilization and fixed operations. He has also advocated for effective regulatory compliance and reporting and spearheaded financial strategies to reduce carrier expenditures and increase cost savings.