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The 5G playbook – What Do you Need to Deploy 5G?

5G may already be available in most of the U.S., but there are still many small operators that are in the beginning of their 5G transitions.  This panel discussion will talk about the spectrum, regulatory challenges, infrastructure needs and investment requirements to build a 5G network. In addition, it will discuss some of the unknowns that we are still learning about 5G, such as why operators have failed to fully monetize 5G at this point.

Panel participants include:

Sue Marek, Freelance Journalist, Sue Marek Writing Services (moderator)
Mike Irizarry, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, UScellular (panelist)
Neil Shah, Chief Product Officer, Wavelo (panelist)
John Hayes, Head of Solutions Engineering, iconectiv (panelist)

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john hayes

John Hayes

Senior Director, iconectiv

John Hayes, Head of Solutions Engineering at iconectiv, is responsible for leading the company’s activities that enable carriers to economically meet their rollout objectives and cost effectively support their service portfolio.

With more than 30 years of experience in telecommunications, Hayes has led engagements to improve network operations for global carriers centered around optimizing new investments, utilization embedded capabilities and leveraging carrier interworking.

He has also advocated the need for carriers to focus on establishing a robust data infrastructure that is consistently used across the business to obtain reliable insights that permit effective operational and capital efficiencies to be realized.