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iconectiv Enables Fixed Number Portability in Argentina

For over a decade, iconectiv—the world leader in number portability and ambassador for trusted communication—has played a key role in enabling number portability across Argentina. On September 20, 2022, Argentina became one of the six countries in the world that support both fixed and wireless number portability, powered by iconectiv’s Number Portability Clearinghouse solution. This expansion provides choice and convenience to consumers and businesses and drives innovation among communication providers. The addition of fixed number portability helps Argentina's regulators more efficiently manage and optimize national numbering resources.
Nov 15, 2022
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Global Trend of Origin-Based Rating Creates Major Revenue Opportunities for Network Service Providers

Network Service Providers are looking for new income streams to offset shrinking voice, data revenues and margins. If they implement OBR quickly and correctly, it can be a major new source of revenue — and enable them to avoid penalties and surcharges that can be 3,000% over standard termination rates. iconectiv’s TruNumber Protect can be added to Network Service Providers’ existing rating and billing solutions to immediately and accurately determine the correct charges and surcharges.
Nov 14, 2022
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iconectiv’s Carolyn Knight Joins CFCA Consumer Education Committee Focused on Fraud Prevention

iconectiv’s Senior Account Manager for the Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) team, Carolyn Knight, has joined the Communications Fraud Control Association’s (CFCA) Consumer Education Committee. This committee focuses on arming consumers with information to help protect themselves from becoming victims of communications fraud. As a committee member, Carolyn will work closely with other industry professionals to create the educational resources consumers and businesses need to safeguard against fraudsters.
Nov 8, 2022
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With Illegal Robocalls Serving as the Gateway to Financial and Identity Fraud, What Can the Telecom Industry Do to Shut Them Down?

Illegal robocalls not only are a complete nuisance but, when effective, can serve as a gateway for fraudulent activities. Which is why 75% of calls from unknown or unrecognizable numbers go unanswered, and also the reason why the Federal Communications Commission enacted the SHAKEN/STIR framework mandate for communications service providers (CSPs) across the U.S.
Oct 19, 2022
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As Messaging Reigns Supreme for Communications Between Consumers and Brands, iconectiv Messaging Expert Provides Insights on What Businesses Should Know

Nearly 70% of consumer brand interactions shifted to messaging during the pandemic – a trend that is expected to continue as nearly 65% of the global population send and receive SMS messages, including 80% of the population in North America. As both businesses and consumers continue to lean into messaging, there are several options for them to consider - from short codes and 10-digit long codes (10DLC) to toll-free numbers, rich communications services and more. 

Oct 4, 2022
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iconectiv Trusted Communication Superheroes Speak Out About Protecting Financial Services Firms and Their Customers from Fraudsters

At MWC Las Vegas Panel Discussion, iconectiv’s George Cray Describes How the Industry is Fighting the Rise of Fraud and its Financial Fallout
Sep 14, 2022
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iconectiv Telecom Numbering Expert Natalie McNamer Elected Co-chair of ATIS Industry Numbering Committee (INC)

iconectiv’s senior numbering expert Natalie McNamer has been elected co-chair of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) Industry Numbering Committee (INC) by committee members for a two-year term. McNamer will oversee key initiatives associated with the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) numbering resources. This includes efficiently allocating and conserving telephone numbers, which uses extend beyond business and consumer phones to IoT and machine-to-machine devices and more.
Aug 24, 2022

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Interview with NBC: Tips to avoid scams this holiday season

NBC Austin’s Sam Stark warns viewers of scams to be aware of going into the holiday shopping season. In an interview, Senior Vice President at iconectiv, George Cray, recommends that viewers look to short codes, as opposed to 10-digit phone numbers, as a sign of legitimacy. Companies must undergo a vetting process to obtain a short code, and in the event the company violates the terms, they must surrender the code. Cray also advises viewers that texts with a sense of urgency or a link are likely scams.
Nov 22, 2022

Interview with CBS: Avoiding Holiday Text Scams

CBS Chattanooga’s Nick Hill reports on how fraudsters are taking advantage of the holiday shopping season through texting scams. iconectiv’s Senior Vice President, George Cray, shares expert information on how to protect against these scammers. CBS explains the concept of smishing: text messages that are designed to install spyware or steal other personal data. Cray advises viewers to beware of text messages with links and a sense of urgency. Hill describes the common situations these hackers will try to present, including verifying gift cards, falsely claiming delivery delays, or claiming they need more information to complete a delivery.
Nov 14, 2022

Interview with CBS: TECH BYTE: Don’t Fall for Political Texting Scams

CBS Chattanooga’s TECH BYTE reports on how fraudsters are taking advantage of the election season through texting scams. iconectiv’s Senior Vice President, George Cray, shares expert information on how to protect against these scammers. Cray explains how Americans lost $86 million last election cycle from texting scams, and this year could be even worse. Money isn’t the only thing scammers are after, viewers are also warned to watch out for scammers spreading misinformation.
Nov 4, 2022

Interview with CBS: Scammers cracking down, jumping into your phone with political texts as elections inch closer

Steve Sbraccia of CBS Raleigh reports on how scammers are taking advantage of the election season to steal personal information. iconectiv’s Senior Vice President, George Cray, shares expert information on how to protect against these scammers. Cray advises viewers to be wary of texts with a sense of urgency and sent from 10-digit numbers. Real candidates and campaigns can undergo a vetting process to obtain a 5/6-digit number (a short code), making these numbers more trustworthy for voters.
Oct 28, 2022

Tips for protecting yourself against political texting fraud

Terrence Lee of FOX Chicago reports on the increasing amount of text scams sent out as election season gets underway. In a live interview, iconectiv’s Senior Vice President, George Cray, provides expert tips on identifying scam text messages sent from fraudsters posing as candidates or campaigns. Cray warns viewers to watch out for requests for personal data, embedded links and messages with a sense of urgency. Cray also explains that text messages from 5/6-digit numbers (short codes) are more reputable due to the vetting process candidates/campaigns undergo to obtain the code.
Oct 24, 2022

Be Careful, Those Political Texts Could Be a Scam

Kim Baldonado of NBC 4 LA reports on political text messaging fraud. She warns that scammers pose as political candidates or campaigns and use this ruse to get money and personal information from voters. In an interview, iconectiv’s Senior Vice President, George Cray, explains how consumers can protect themselves – listing red flags to watch out for. For example, Cray warns that text messages sent from an unknown 10-digit number asking for personal information are likely from fraudsters.
Oct 21, 2022

Telecom heroes unite! – iconectiv joining forces with a legion of fraud fighters

In this post, CFCA encourages their members to identify themselves as a trusted communications superhero. Learn how the Fraud Fighters and Identification Verifiers can protect consumers’ money and identity with the help of iconectiv’s tools TruNumber Protect, PortData Validate, TruReach Certify and TruReach Intel.
Sep 30, 2022



PACE Washington Summit

With the fluctuating compliance landscape in the telecom industry, businesses need to ensure they are prepared. iconectiv will join telecom experts and service providers at the PACE Washington Summit in Arlington, VA on May 21 – 23, 2023 iconectiv experts will be on-site to discuss topics like call blocking and labeling, TCPA reform, privacy issues that affect contact centers, dealing with customer data now and in the future and more. To connect with iconectiv at the PACE…

International Telecoms Week 23

iconectiv will join international carriers and messaging providers at ITW 2022 in National Harbor, MD from May 9-12, 2022. iconectiv experts will be on-site to talk about the benefits of iconectiv’s TruReach Toll-Free 8MS solution in ensuring communications connectivity.

Common Interest Group on Routing and Rating Working Group (CIGRR)

iconectiv will host the second quarter Common Interest Group on Routing and Rating (CIGRR) work group session on April 18th – 20th, 2023. This three-day meeting provides an interactive forum for CIGRR to recommend advanced direction to the TruOps Telecom Routing Administration (TRA). TRA is the primary source of numbering, routing, and rating data in support of an intercompany information exchange process for the telecommunications industry. TRA provides data and services for the industry to…

Capacity Middle East 2023

Capacity Middle East is the largest carrier meeting for the Middle Eastern region, uniting the region’s key ICT players representing the carrier, cloud, hyperscaler, content, digital infrastructure, edge, software, data center and technology industries. The iconectiv sales team will be in attendance.

Common Language IAB &TAG '23

The Common Language International Advisory Board (IAB) and Technical Advisory Group’s (TAG) will be held Virtually, on March 7th, 8th and 9th. The advisory board discusses topics impacting the telecommunications industry, while the TAG session addresses day–to-day operational concerns in regard to specific code sets identified to satisfy subscriber business requirements.

iconectiv at MWC Barcelona

iconectiv will be joining leading technology providers, service providers and other key industry stakeholders at MWC 2023 in Barcelona from February 27 to March 2, 2022 (Hall 2 stand 20IRM). Whether you’re a service provider, company, consumer or country/regulator, confidence that voice calls and text messages of all kinds can reach their intended recipients in a safe and reliable manner is critical.


ITEXPO is the one annual event where telecom and IT professionals, C-level executives, business owners, and the channel all learn in conference sessions and conduct business. It is the annual meeting point in South Florida where buyers of communications and technology hardware and services can meet with hundreds of manufacturers and solutions providers in one place, for three incredibly productive days

Speaking Engagements

speaking engagement

Cloud Comms Summit US

The Cloud Comms Summit is the leading and largest vendor-agnostic event for service providers focused on the Cloud Communications industry. Established by Cavell, the summit offers key findings from the latest Cloud Comms Market and Enterprise Insight Research Reports to help you understand the market.
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Not All Numbers Are Created Equal: Finding the Right Messaging Solution for Your Business

The business messaging landscape is constantly changing as new entrants disrupt the ecosystem. Nearly 70% of consumer brand interactions shifted to messaging during the pandemic, and this trend is expected to continue as nearly 65% of the global population send and receive SMS messages.
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Safeguarding the Enterprise Against Escalating Global Cyber Threats

iconectiv Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Michael Iwanoff, will participate in this panel discussion to give insight on cybersecurity emerging threats, cyber resilience, and what iconectiv does to stay cyber-secure. The other panelists include John McDonough, Cloud Architect/Cloud DevOps Engineer at Fortinet, Arvin Bansal, Senior Director, Cloud Security & Data Protection at AmerisourceBergen, and moderator Rocco Grillo, Managing Director – Global Cyber Risk Services & Incident Response Investigation at Alvarez & Marsal.
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Fighting the Rise of Financial Crime

iconectiv’s George Cray, Senior Vice President of Information Solutions, Products and Services, will be joining this panel discussion, where he and industry experts will explore how increased collaboration between key stakeholders across the eco-system has enabled the development of innovative solutions to increase security and enhance user experience and digital power transformation.
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MEF Webinar- STIR SHAKEN in North America: Lessons learnt, RoboCalls stopped?

Globally telecom users have been suffering RoboCalls, or nuisance calls. The USA and Canada have introduced call tracing capability that should help stop unwanted and fraudulent calls to reach the final consumers – what was then called STIR SHAKEN. Different levels of protection have been rolled out, but the problem seems to persist. MEF is holding a webinar to examine the lessons that have been learned from STIR SHAKEN and what the future holds for RoboCalls. Join speakers Matthew Gamble,…
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Identity in Messaging Solutions are Emerging – how will the industry change?

Sender identity is the root of much of the concerns on fraud and customer experience but changing an established technical framework has proven difficult. Regulatory pressure and solutions are now driving new approaches to limit such as smishing and Spam/unsolicited communications.
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GSMA VoIP Forum – Mitigating Call Fraud in the Network

iconectiv’s George Cray, SVP of Information Solutions, Products & Services, will be joining industry leaders and GSMA to dive deeper into combating VoIP fraud with STIR/SHAKEN.