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RCS for Contact Centers: Ushering in a New Era for Trusted Consumer Engagement

Chat functions have become a key pillar of customer contact centers. People are accustomed to the convenience of instant messaging their friends, family and colleagues, which led to a natural transition to texting with brands.

Chat is a practical way for brands to engage customers at the point of decision making and helps remove any information obstacles they may encounter. Still, chat services at contact centers can become even more robust when powered by Rich Communication Services (RCS).

RCS programs indicated 14 times more customer engagement and three times more sales than more traditional B2C messaging channels, as well as click-through rates over 40 percent greater than comparable campaigns by SMS.

Integrating RCS into the contact center ecosystem is an effective way to bring the chatbot to the messaging channel and the mobile handset. Now, the conversation between brand and consumer can be even more dynamic. At the click of a button, a customer can ask a question, view specific menu options and even make a purchase.

However, in the age of robocalls and smishing, ease of experience means nothing if the consumer does not trust the platform. As a new technology, RCS can integrate trust into its programs from the outset.

At PACE ACX Remix, the hub for celebrating National Customer Service Week, Chris Drake, CTO at iconectiv, gave a presentation entitled “Rebuilding Trust in Communications with Rich Communication Services: The Integration of Chatbots and Other New Technology" During the webinar, Drake noted that a preponderance of illegal SMS campaigns led to a retroactive implementation of security protocols. Learning from past experiences with smishing, RCS has security built into its bedrock by following industry standards and implementation guidelines.

For example, it is possible to validate a brand based on how they want to interact with consumers and create controls so that brands joining the ecosystem are vetted, thus making it much more difficult for fraudsters to infiltrate the platform.

Brands are undergoing a rapid digital transformation; they want to reach customers across all channels and contact centers and continue to adapt to consumer demands. iconectiv provides solutions that make trusted interactions happen in a simple, seamless and secure manner through omnichannel verification services.

Brands can increase trust and simplify with TruReach Intel, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that provides legitimate brands and the service providers that support them with a streamlined, straightforward way to register business phone numbers, short codes and RCS chatbots and get them independently validated with dozens of service providers via a single registration point.

To access Drake’s exclusive presentation, register on the PACE website, which is available for replay on demand. Interested in learning more about how RCS can enhance a brand’s reputation and bottom line? Connect with iconectiv today!