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With nearly 80% of people using texting for business purposes, it has become an essential tool for doing business. Many see it as a simple solution for building brand equity and engagement while building customer trust. However, messaging is more than hitting the “send” button. Each message sent moves through a web of providers and applications before ever reaching its recipient.

If you are serious about upping your messaging game, you need a trusted partner that can ensure your messages successfully navigate this complex ecosystem. iconectiv® TruReach Deliver Aerialink can help you do just that.

We understand that all messages are not the same. They take many different forms; each requiring a unique messaging channel to ensure successful transmission and delivery to get to the ultimate goal – meaningful engagement. TruReach Deliver Aerialink is a cloud-based solution designed by industry experts and supported by a full-service team that is focused on ensuring your messages are delivered to their intended recipient without being blocked. By doing so, you will be able to engage with customers more efficiently while avoiding the costs and business impact associated with undelivered messages. Additionally, we can offer advice on how to adhere to complex industry regulations. These expert insights can help you avoid paying costly fines and penalties that could harm your bottom line.

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For over a decade, business messaging was limited to a handful of use cases primarily focused on one-way delivery of system-generated notifications and promotional campaigns that used 5-6 digit short codes to send the messages. But all of that began to change with the ability to text-enable business landline numbers. Consumers now expect to text to a business for their sales and service inquiries in the same way they would message a friend. As a result, conversational business texting is rapidly becoming a primary communications channel. Learning how to effectively support this important channel can be a real game changer towards increased customer satisfaction and business growth.

With TruReach Deliver Aerialink you can text-enable existing toll-free and standard phone numbers so that your customers have the choice to call or text your business.  It also supports real-time, concurrent texting so that you can manage multiple, live conversations with your customers and partners efficiently.