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TruOps Common Language code set series introduction

Imagine losing 20% of your yearly capital expenditures due to inefficiencies. For telecom service providers, this translates to an industry-wide loss of $65 billion. iconectiv® TruOps™ Common Language® offers a solution by standardizing how your organization refers to locations, equipment, circuit paths and service usage. In the coming months, we will take a look at the different Common Language codes, how they are used and how they save you money. 

Common Language promotes consistent information flow by providing a unified naming system for locations, equipment, connections, services and virtual functions, eliminating confusion. The Common Language App further simplifies inventory management with real-time access to track communications equipment and network assets from your mobile device, enhancing visibility and decision-making.

By adopting Common Language, service providers can improve asset and inventory management, enhance network utilization and ensure rapid, accurate inter-carrier ordering. This standardization transforms network asset management, leading to significant financial and operational benefits.