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What is the difference between spoofing and smishing?

Spoofing is when a caller deliberately falsifies their caller ID to resemble a number familiar to you. Some of these can be local numbers, government numbers or a company with whom you associate.

If you suspect that a call is fraudulent, hang up, and call the company directly via the number on their official website.

Smishing is a SMS messaging scam where you are asked to provide sensitive information. Common smishing scams include account confirmation, urgent message on banking information and customer support impersonations.

Never click on suspicious links from an unfamiliar number. If you suspect an issue regarding your sensitive information, call the party directly via the number on their official website. 

iconectiv executives Chris Drake, Senior Vice President, and George Cray, Vice President, have participated in several interviews about common smishing scams tied to current events. Check them out below to learn how to protect yourself from fraudsters trying to steal your information.