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Why Rich Call Data is Key for Thwarting Fraudsters and Building Consumer Trust

When fraudsters win, everyone loses: mobile operators, consumers, and legitimate businesses. Unfortunately, for over a decade, fraudsters have been winning, inundating Americans with an average of 60 billion illegal robocalls each year. That’s conditioned people to let calls from unfamiliar/unidentified numbers drop into voicemail 76% of the time. But even with that precaution, they’ll still lose an estimated $40 billion to fraudulent robocalls in 2022.

Meanwhile, service providers including mobile operators, will lose $29 billion in revenues, plus billions more in staff time investigating and addressing all that fraud. They also suffer the intangible hit to their brand reputation when customers believe they’re not doing enough to protect them from illegal robocalls, spoofed Caller ID, and SMS spam.

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