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Why ‘common language’ could clarify the DSP route through network complexity

April 30, 2021

The ‘iconectiv TruOps Common Language’ is another constructed language but it is attempting to do something rather different. It’s about nailing down technical nomenclature and language with specific meanings so that all those who have to grapple with technical complexity can at least do so while singing from the same hymn sheet (to mix at least 2 metaphors). The similarity with Esperanto is that, rather than waiting for language and meaning to evolve organically, it puts  definitions before usage and pushes the enter key. 

IDC has just completed a white paper sponsored by iconectiv. The paper explains why it thinks this approach will play a major role in the evolution of networks which - as you have probably noticed - have over the past decade become more complex and abstract, with the advent of virtualisation, 5G, cloud, edge A.I. and more. In fact the concepts have become so demanding that even fully-immersed  boffins can have a hard time working out what’s in front of them.

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