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Who is calling and why? T-Mobile enhances caller ID in proof-of-concept

Aiming to boost customer confidence in picking up phone calls from unknown numbers, T-Mobile and partners completed a wireless call that used authenticated caller ID and showed details like company branding to provide more information about who was calling and why.

The proof-of-concept, which the partners believe to be a first, was completed with First Orion, CTIA, Everbridge, iconectiv, NetNumber, Numeracle, and Twilio.

T-Mobile used Rich Call Data (RCD) technology in combination with authenticated caller ID based on the STIR/SHAKEN framework and protocol.

When a phone number popped up, it also displayed the T-Mobile logo, as well as details including a caller name (in this case “Team of Experts”) and reason (customer service calling) to better inform consumers so they can decide whether to pick up or not.

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