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What is RCS Messaging and Why is it Important to Your Business?

April 11, 2019

Despite the highly competitive space for messaging (iMessage, WhatsApp, etc.), standard text messages still reign supreme with 97% of smartphone users sending them. That being said, service providers are continually looking for an edge to compete with the likes of Apple and Facebook and take back the phone. Enter Rich Communication Services (RCS). About a decade after its original conception by GSMA, service providers, smartphone manufacturers and the industry’s governing bodies are working together to modernize text messaging and bring forth RCS.

So, what exactly is RCS messaging and how does it differ from texting?

One of the biggest benefits of text messaging, and the largest contributor to its high percentage of users, is the universality of it. It does not matter what device or network your recipient has, you can rest assured that with a cellular connection, they will receive the message with no extra apps needed. RCS is slated to work similarly with regards to not needing any additional app to communicate.

If you are familiar with Apple’s iMessage, RCS is almost identical as it will enable users to start group chats, receive read receipts, see when someone is replying to the message and send video, audio and high-resolution images. The biggest differences are RCS is device-inclusive, and allows for reservation tools, online shopping and payment options, real-time account management and customer care, shipment and tracking, etc, through Artificial Intelligent (AI) enabled chatbots.

The GSMA RCS Universal Profile was a critical component in enabling Google, along with 30 other companies, to develop a myriad of RCS Clients to be used across different devices on Android, Microsoft, Samsung, and even potentially Apple one day.

Why is RCS important and how does it impact your business?

Chris Drake, iconectiv CTO, wrote, “RCS offers a richer experience for business-to-consumer engagement with capabilities like those of an app but with the simplicity and convenience of text messaging…Ultimately, RCS will provide a compelling way for businesses to engage their audiences while allowing them to cut costs, drive revenues and increase retention.”

RCS is forecasted to grow to more than one billion users by the end of the year. Tune-in to the next post in our RCS series to learn what service providers need to do now to prep for the impending RCS rollout.

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