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Wangiri Warriors: A Webinar on Solutions & Strategies for Fighting Call Back Fraud

October 1, 2020

Welcome Telecom Fraud Warriors! I’m Dan Baker, editor of Black Swan Telecom Journal.  And I invite to listen and watch a virtual webinar where four fraud control experts provide a virtual "advanced course" on tactics and some of the latest thinking and solutions for taming Wangiri fraud.

Wangiri is quite simply one of the most dangerous traffic pumping frauds out there, along with International Revenue Share Fraud. The most common Wangiri scheme is for the fraudster to call a consumer victim and have the phone ring once and get cut off.  The unsuspecting phone user innocently calls the number back as a courtesy. And that return call is sent to a high-rate international destination where there’s nobody on the other end except a IVR machine.

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