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With Voice and Messaging Communications, Trust is a Two-Way Street

iconectiv Senior Vice President George Cray Explores What’s Being Done to Help Businesses and Consumers Further Establish Trusted Communications

What: The past few years have demonstrated just how much we depend on our mobile phones – for services, connection and convenience. As a result, digital transformation is gaining significant momentum, and identity verification is becoming more critical than ever. Businesses need to have trust in knowing who their customers are and consumers need to trust that the company that is calling or texting them is indeed who they say they are.

In a recent interview with Mobile World Live, George Cray provided insights on:

  • What’s being done today to re-establish the solid trust foundation on which the global communications ecosystem was originally built.
  • What iconectiv is doing to help businesses and consumers trust voice calls and messaging, which are critical for digital transformation.
  • How iconectiv is helping service providers confidently know they are operating as efficiently as possible, while complying with industry regulations.
  • How solutions such as Registered CallerTM and Short Code Registry are impacting the mobile industry.

Who: iconectiv Senior Vice President George Cray

Where: To see the full video interview, visit: Mobile World Live.