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Verification Services are Vital to Restoring Trust in Consumer Engagement

An average of 60 billion illegal robocalls are made each year in the United States alone resulting in nearly $10 billion of financial impact. Additionally, of the 8.3 trillion text messages sent annually, 5% or 4.15 billion of those messages are smishing attempts.

As illegal robocalls and spam continue to rise, consumers ignore calls and text messages from numbers they do not recognize. As a result, important communications remain unheard and unseen. Without a proper verification system, consumer trust in business messaging is compromised. Companies pay the price as the presence of fraud squanders legitimate investments in voice and text consumer engagement initiatives.

In the webinar “Answering the Call: Establish Customer Trust and Protect Your Brand Every Way You Communicate,” John Haraburda, Principal Solutions Engineer Director, iconectiv, explores restoring integrity in business messaging and the steps businesses can take to keep vital communication avenues open to reach their customers effectively across all channels, including voice, text and Rich Communication Service (RCS)/chatbots.

He explains how iconectiv TruReach Intel streamlines processes for company verification, so businesses can establish a more trustworthy customer engagement experience, all from a single registration point.

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