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VanillaPlus Issue 2 2024: iconectiv’s Mike O’Brien explains how verified identity will slam the door on fraud

Mike O’Brien, EVP of Business Development at iconectiv, is the cover story of VanillaPlus Issue 2 2024 as he discusses the pervasive threat of fraud targeting mobile devices and the importance of securing digital identity, with a focus on the role of phone numbers as a key identifier. He further explores the challenges businesses and consumers face in verifying identity and combating fraud in the digital age. The story emphasizes the significance of the phone number in this process and its vulnerability to exploitation by fraudsters.

iconectiv's Digital Identity Solution, specifically tailored for the financial services industry, leverages phone number porting data to combat account takeover fraud. By flagging recently ported phone numbers, businesses can assess the risk associated with transactions and verify customer-provided phone number information accuracy. The case study highlights how this approach enhances fraud prevention, risk management, and customer identification, emphasizing the critical role of phone numbers in the digital identity verification process.

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