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Using Numbering Intelligence to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Protect Revenue

Every quarter, ~100M global subscribers change their phone operator. This number porting means it can be difficult for service providers, SMS aggregators and VoIP providers to correctly and efficiently route phone calls and text messages. Further, they need to consider constant changes in global numbering plans, while efficiently managing interconnections and traffic termination. Not having visibility into this can lead to unnecessary interconnection charges, dropped calls and undelivered text – all of which impact customer satisfaction, revenue, profitability and brand reputation.

In this session, learn how the world’s leading service providers use iconectiv® TruNumber Routing number portability data to help simply and seamlessly determine which phone numbers belong to which operators and minimize interconnection-related revenue leakage by accurately routing and rating voice and SMS traffic. TruNumber Routing offers continuously updated data on a country-by-country basis, as well as global number range information needs to be used to help avoid unnecessary charges and fees. Using case study examples, experts from iconectiv will help you identify useful ways to help your organization generate savings in 2022.

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