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Using Existing Technology to Power the Communications of Tomorrow (5G, Edge Computing, Virtualized Networking and More)


With 5G billed as the newest game changer, service providers are laser focused on the new revenue-generating services that this new technology will support.  Making it all possible, however, requires network and operations management of radio-access, core and virtualized networks. Add to that the plethora of configurations to support smart routers at cell sites and multi-access edge computing (MEC) and consumers will be able to enjoy the increased speed, higher bandwidth and lower latency that the 5G mobile experience promises.

Fortunately, most service providers in the United States already have the systems and processes in place to simply, seamlessly and securely support the rollout of this new technology – and accompanying services – without being burden by additional costs and timeframes that would otherwise impact their bottom line. Fortunately, those service providers that already have Common Language implemented are one step ahead of addressing the complexities of a successful 5G deployment and introducing new revenue-generating services in a way that is both scalable and profitable for their business.

  • The challenges service providers face in their deployment and support strategies for 5G, Edge Computing and Virtualized Networking
  • The role of a universal structure like iconectiv’s TruOps Common Language in the deployment, management and interconnection of physical and virtual assets that support new 5G services.
  • Use case examples for how a universal structure has been used by service providers in the past and how it can reduce time to revenue for innovation investments and offer a competitive advantage in the race to expand into key markets.

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Karl Whitelock Headshot

Karl Whitelock, IDC - Research Vice President, Communications Service Provider Operations and Monetization (OSS/BSS)

Karl Whitelock leads IDC's communications service provider operations and monetization practice. He offers strategic insight and global perspectives concerning the operations and monetization functions, formerly known as OSS/BSS. These include rating and charging, policy management, partner management, customer experience, service provisioning, service assurance, and network operations.