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Upcoming Live Webinar Shines Light on Best Practices to Secure the Digital Identity

“Securing the Digital Frontier: Navigating Challenges and Best Practices in Digital Identity Verification” 
Webinar and Q&A to Feature iconectiv EVP Michael O’Brien

What: In today’s digital landscape, much of our daily activities are heavily dependent on global communication networks. Regardless of the type of information exchange, we value the immense convenience offered by our mobile devices. As we deal with sensitive matters such as personal details and financial information, this convenience introduces significant risks and responsibilities. One of the primary challenges in the digital identity domain revolves around the authentication and verification of "who" is involved.

During the upcoming webinar, “Securing the Digital Frontier: Navigating Challenges and Best Practices in Digital Identity Verification,iconectiv Executive Vice President, Michael O’Brien, and Co-Founder of Transforma Insights, Jim Morrish, will explore the digital identity ecosystem. From mitigating the risk of communications fraud to navigating the regulatory landscape, maintaining the integrity of mobile communications and phone numbers is key to protecting the revenue streams realized through consumer engagement and conversational commerce. The webinar will take a deep dive into the central role that phone numbers play in facilitating commerce and supporting businesses (both B2B and B2C communications), as well as best practices for safeguarding Know your Customer (KYC) and Know your Business (KYB) initiatives that rely on this critical digital identity signal.

Why: As the importance of quickly and confidently verifying a digital identity continues to increase, enterprises, government organizations and others must understand and learn about: 

  • Challenges in digital identity verification, including why KYC and KYB processes and why verifying the "who" in digital transactions is a significant challenge.
  • Digital identity signals – from physical addresses to biometrics to phone numbers and other data points – and why some are more reliable than others.
  • Considerations in navigating the digital identity lifecycle –pre-registration authentication, account creation, engagement, transactions and event monitoring and ongoing engaging.
  • Digital identity verification best practices.
  • Why global collaboration is necessary for establishing a reusable digital identity framework across industries, and what’s being done now to make it a reality.

Who: Michael O’Brien – Executive Vice President, iconectiv

When: 15:00GMT/10:00am ET
Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Where: Register for the live webinar and Q&A session