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UK Number Portability: Experts' Insights on Necessity of Change

Telecoms Experts Discuss Why the UK Needs to Revamp its Number Portability Process

With Fraud Losses in the UK Estimated at £137 billion, Omnisperience’s Teresa Cottam and iconectiv’s David Wilson Explore How a Modernized Number Portability Process Can Help Solve this Growing Issue

What:          While number porting is essential for a healthy competitive market because it gives customers the choice and convenience of changing service providers without having to change their phone number, a recent telecoms industry report from Omnisperience explores whether the current UK porting process is fit for purpose and impeding the growth of the digital economy. The Omnisperience report comes on the heels of the UK House of Lords’ in-depth report on fraud in the UK, which found that telecoms were one of three industries not doing enough to protect UK citizens against fraud.

The Omnisperience report is the topic of a Network Media Group webinar: Number Portability Fraud. Available on demand, the panelists cover a range of topics and questions, including:

  • What is number portability fraud and its potential impact on the digital identity market, not only in the UK but globally?
  • Lessons learned from other countries that have updated their number portability process to make it more secure and enable telcos and banks to work together to shut down fraud before it impacts customers.
  • The role that cross-industry collaboration has in solving this issue.

Who:            Hosted by Network Media Group Publisher Abe Nejad, the webinar features telecoms industry experts:

  • Teresa Cottam, Chief Analyst at Omnisperience
  • David Wilson, Vice President of Global Sales at iconectiv

Where:        You can watch the Number Portability Fraud webinar on demand here.