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UK Broadband Service Providers: Are You Ready for a New Switching Process?

iconectiv’s David Wilson to examine how service providers can prepare for a new era of broadband switching at UKWISPA Members Meeting

What: With the United Kingdom’s “One Touch Switch” deadline set for 12 September 2024, broadband service providers must undertake a series of measures to ensure compliance with the new requirements. While facilitating seamless switching for UK residents ultimately presents a unique opportunity for providers to attract new customers through their innovative services, there are challenges in getting to that point.

During the session, “Change is Coming: How to Prepare Your Organization for the UK’s New Era of Broadband Switching,” David Wilson, Vice President of Global Sales for iconectiv UK Limited will examine how service providers can ready their organization for UK broadband switching. The session will also:

  • Decipher between the different types of Managed Access Providers (MAPs) that The One Touch Switching Company (TOTSCo) are certifying to assist broadband communication providers of different sizes adhere to the latest switching regulations.
  • Examine the various factors that broadband service providers need to consider for meeting the deadline – from operator readiness preparations such as IT environment architecture, MAP integration and business processes, to workflows and systems modifications, to ensuring adherence to stringent performance standards and security protocols, to timelines for industry trials and commercial readiness and other considerations.
  • Provide insights into what should be on service providers’ TOTSCo broadband switching checklist and best practices for ensuring a seamless transition.

Why: In a move to ensure residents in the UK can easily switch broadband providers, telecommunications regulator Ofcom introduced new rules, which are slated to go into effect in 2024. The industry established TOTSCo as a vehicle to take responsibility for the development and operation of the messaging platform – the TOTSCo Hub – which will carry customer details and other required data and messages between gaining and losing providers.

Who: As a registered Managed Access Provider with TOTSCo, iconectiv UK Limited provides UK Communications Providers with the flexibility they need to help them meet the requirements for today’s residential broadband market. By offering two MAP options – Full Management and Technical – Communications Providers can choose the best option to suit their business needs. iconectiv UK Limited has extensive expertise and history of developing, deploying, implementing and managing communications service-switching gateways on five continents supporting nearly 5,000 customers.

When: 14:30 Wednesday 20 March 2024

Where: Hyatt Regency Birmingham, Birmingham, UK