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The Trusted Communications Superheroes Chronicles: Episode Three

 In the infinite and ever-evolving telecom universe, a mighty team of superheroes are battling villains set on disrupting the trusted communications ecosystem! These are their stories…

Asset Protector and the Saga of Chaos

In the telecom industry, knowing what you have, what you need and what you don’t, can be a perpetual internal battle – and something that even someone as skilled at organization as Marie Kondo likely couldn’t fix!

Poor communication, mislaid assets and mismanaged inventory is a direct result of critical data being scattered throughout an organization in a variety of formats and managed by different business functions. This not only makes sharing information and effective collaboration difficult, if not impossible – it also has major financial implications. With a reported 20% of yearly capital expenditures being wasted – and approximately $65 billion being lost industry wide –service providers need to have an ally to help them overcome this sobering reality. They need the Trusted Communications Asset Protectors!

These superheroes understand that the criticality of having access to the right information at the right time. Because of this, they work tirelessly to ensure that all team members, departments, vendors and partners have what they need to simplify financial compliance and streamline asset management. Each day, the Asset Protectors are helping companies in their digital transformation journeys by judiciously streamlining financial reporting, reducing operational costs, maximizing operational efficiencies, and achieving economies of scale so that they can confidently invest in new technologies, including 5G, processes and innovations that make technological advancements across all communication channels possible.

The Asset Protector’s number one utility is:

  • TruOps Common Language. Designed to put an end to financial and operational waste, once and for all, TruOps Common Language®  keeps everyone working together. For service providers whose operations involve an overwhelming amount of moving parts, Common Language promotes consistency by standardizing the way their ecosystem refers to locations, equipment, circuit paths and service use. With Common Language, Asset Protectors help service providers centralize all  their information, so they can eliminate duplication and errors, avoid costly mistakes, and ensure increased efficiency between business divisions, corporate partners and even vendors!

Like their counterparts in the Trusted Communications Superheroes Squadron, the Asset Protectors have one main goal: Keeping people connected, businesses running and commerce flowing. 

how can Asset Protectors help you?

If you are among the Asset Protectors bringing order to the chaos, download the free Superhero Identity Kit, including the official infographic, virtual background, and other trusted communications digital assets.

Stay tuned to learn more about the sagas the other Trusted Communications superhero comrades take on each day!

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