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The Trusted Communications Superheroes Chronicles: Episode One

In the infinite and ever-evolving telecom universe, a mighty team of superheroes are battling villains set on disrupting the trusted communications ecosystem! These are their stories…

Fraud Fighter and The Lost Revenue Saga

Telecoms is big business, which is why villains are so relentless in trying to steal money and identities from this booming industry! These criminals want a piece of the pie that isn’t theirs, and unfortunately, some of them succeed in their criminal endeavors to the tune of $29 billion. You read that right. $29 billion is the astounding amount of revenue service providers lose each year to fraud. Not only does this money fatten the pockets of fraudsters – these criminal acts erode confidence in our global communications infrastructure and are the reason why the Trusted Communications Fraud Fighter never rests!

Armed with an impenetrable shield to protect legitimate businesses, communication providers and consumers from becoming victims, the Fraud Fighter is the premier slayer of fraud and suspicious activity—and provider of authoritative telephone number intelligence. The highly skilled Fraud Fighter helps spot and stop suspicious phone numbers in their tracks to protect network integrity, safeguard customer relationships, protect margins and defend against nefarious activity. And this is just the beginning… 

The Fraud Fighter is also helping businesses thrive by restoring trust in voice calls and text messages while protecting their global reputations and bottom lines. The Fraud Fighter is ready to take on the villains trying to cheat service providers and others out of billions of dollars in revenue!

When going into battle, Fraud Fighters can count on two powerful super tools as part of their arsenal: 

  • TruNumber Protect. Using this powerful tool, the Fraud Fighter helps battle villains by blocking many types of fraud and suspicious activity, including one-ring scams, PBX hacking fraud, international revenue share fraud (IRSF), interconnection-related revenue leakage and fraudulent roaming calls to premium-rate services. With intelligence about telephone numbers worldwide, TruNumber Protect supplies Fraud Fighters with the powerful skills needed to  better help service providers defeat the fraudsters by giving them a fast, proven way to block calls from high-risk and unallocated number ranges. With TruNumber Protect-powered fraud prevention initiatives, service providers can expect reliable, actionable data and a proactive approach to stopping fraudsters in their tracks!
  • PortData Validate. The Fraud Fighter can also come to rescue of financial institutions, healthcare providers and other authorized businesses in their fraudster faceoffs. With the powerful PortData Validate platform, the Fraud Fighter helps them leverage telephone number porting data as part of their assessment when verifying a customer’s identity, approving a transaction, or disclosing information. The data, exclusively available from iconectiv or an authorized reseller of iconectiv’s PortData Validate service, is the nation’s only authorized service for businesses that need access to accurate and up-to-date phone number porting information for fraud mitigation and risk assessment. PortData Validate provides information that businesses can use to assess risk before confirming a transaction by identifying the current service provider associated with a telephone number and recent porting activity. In addition, contact centers can leverage PortData Validate to mitigate the risk of identity theft and other fraudulent activity and, if needed, take additional steps to validate a caller’s identity.

Like his counterparts in the Trusted Communications Superheroes Squadron, the Fraud Fighter has one main goal: Keeping people connected, businesses running and commerce flowing.  

how can Fraud Fighter help you?

If you are among the Fraud Fighters defeating tricksters and villains, download the free Superhero Identity Kit, including the official infographic, virtual background, and other trusted communications digital assets. 

And stay tuned to learn more about the sagas the other Trusted Communications superhero comrades are ready to take on!

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