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Top 10 Emerging Technology Trends For Retail Industry

PROVIDED BY iFour Technolab
March 8, 2021

Use of short codes known as (SMS)

“With 96% of American’s owning a mobile phone and the average U.S. citizen increasing their time spent on their phone by an additional 23 minutes per day, text messaging via short codes offers the perfect opportunity for e-commerce businesses to enjoy a direction connection and a trusted way to engage in two-way, interactive text conversations with their consumers. With a 98 percent open rate, customers can simply send a text message to a short code to get information about a product, make a purchase, and more. Seattle Sun Tan is one success story. The business implemented a text messaging campaign offering discounts to customers and within the first month, they signed up 4,750 people, totaling $196,000 in new sales and a 500% increase in money spent from their regular clientele.”

- Cliff Holsenbeck, Senior Director of Product Management at iconectiv

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