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Text Enabling Your Toll-Free Numbers May Be the Secret to Engaging with More Customers

Throughout the global pandemic, business text messaging has become increasingly integral to contacting customers. Texting boasts a 98% open rate compared to 22% for email, which is not surprising, since texting is traditionally considered virtually spam free.

So it might be surprising to learn that while 85% of customers would prefer to send text messages to get information about products and services, 61% of businesses are still not using SMS/MMS to communicate with customers.

As businesses look to stand out in a crowded digital landscape, they need to embrace multiple communication touchpoints to engage with their customers. For some, that may seem daunting but creating multiple routes of communication may be easier than you think.

For instance, there are more than 42 million toll-free voice numbers in use today, many of which are associated with the world’s most well-known brands. Originally used exclusively for inbound calls as a way to save customers long-distance charges, businesses are now discovering these phone numbers are a powerful tool for customer engagement, particularly when it comes to texting. Toll-free numbers tend to be more recognizable, so customers are more likely to respond. In some cases, consumers are already texting toll-free numbers not realizing that the number may not be text-enabled.

In the webinar “Numbers Matter: Using Toll-Free to Dial Up Your Customer Outreach Strategy,” JC Cunningham, Sales Director, iconectiv, discusses how businesses can leverage toll-free numbers to improve revenue and relationships while navigating the omnipresent need of keeping customer trust.

Cunningham noted that a period of great uncertainty, businesses seek simple solutions to remain engaged with customers and prospects. With iconectiv TruReach Deliver Aerialink, businesses can quickly text-enable existing toll-free and standard phone numbers so that their customers have the choice to engage with the business on their terms – be it via call or text.

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