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Telecom heroes unite! – iconectiv joining forces with a legion of fraud fighters

In a telecom world filled with villains, CFCA members are unveiling their identities as fraud fighting superheroes dedicated to stopping malicious actors from stealing consumers’ money and identities. These vigilant guardians have been protecting the communications infrastructure for a long time – sharing insights and best practices.

iconectiv, a provider of telecom solutions, is proud to have its own legion of trusted communications superheroes that have been an integral part of this ongoing battle. The team is led by the Fraud Fighter, whose impenetrable shield protects legitimate businesses, communication providers and consumers from being victimized. The Fraud Fighters among us can add two powerful tools to stop malicious acts before they happen, including:

 TruNumber Protect — This fraud fighting solution combines information from national regulators, telecom consortiums, industry associations and number administrators from around the world to quickly assist in identifying and help in blocking fraudulent calls to and from high-risk number ranges as well as unallocated and premium rate numbers. Designed as a forward-looking solution, TruNumber Protect also alerts your team about impending attacks. It helps thwarts all kinds of suspicious activity, including one-ring scams, PBX hacking fraud, international revenue share fraud (IRSF), interconnection-related revenue leakage and fraudulent roaming calls to premium-rate services.

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