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The Sky is the Limit, So Business Gets Done on the Cloud: Three Key Takeaways from ITW 2020

iconectiv attended International Telecoms Week to showcase its trusted communications platform, TruReach.

Though ITW 2020 attracted telecommunications professionals working from home offices all around the world, the industry remained unified, establishing consensus on a variety of topics.


1) By #KeepingTheWorldConnected, the communications industry has been, and continues to be, responsible for sustaining the global economy during crises.

By the nature of our industry, communication companies were counted on during the global pandemic. The work never stopped. Global quarantine orders prompted the masses to turn to communication-based resources so that they could stay connected while sheltering in place. Over the past several months, the communications industry has been relied upon to keep people working, commerce running and businesses operating as a global transition to remote work unfolded practically overnight.

As consumer dependency of communications soared and regular routines were disrupted, ensuring trust across all communication channels became even more paramount.

2) Therefore, the value of network security continues to increase.

Fraudsters quickly emerged to prey on the ever-changing and chaotic state of the world. However, companies like iconectiv were at the ready to ensure that the integrity of communications was protected.

Solutions like iconectiv TruNumber Protect help stop the fraudsters, thanks to its comprehensive database of high-risk and unallocated number ranges from over 245 countries and territories worldwide.

During the ITW 2020 panel titled “Unifying the Industry to Reinforce a Tougher Stance on Fraud,” the panelists polled their audience, asking “Do you think that the work done by different industry associations helps the industry and your company in fighting fraud more effectively?” The overwhelming majority responded: “Yes, but greater coordination and collaboration among them is required.”

This response brings us to the last idea that pervaded ITW 2020:

3) B2B collaborative initiatives are essential.

Though we cannot stand together in the same physical space, we can take a collective stance on various issues through company policies, priorities and memberships. Businesses must continue to collaborate on efforts to make connectivity universally accessible, to accelerate digitization, and to combat rampant fraud.

Virtual events are likely the “new normal,” and the way we will all facilitate longstanding partnerships. In August, iconectiv will host a new virtual booth at Enterprise Connect. We hope to see you there!

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