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SIP NOC 2020


As a policy administrator for the Calling Number Verification Service and a provider of trusted communications solutions, iconectiv was invited to be a Diamond sponsor at SIP NOC 2020 and will host two one-hour webinars that will demystify the attestation gap and reveal the power of omnichannel verification services.


With a primary focus on the deployment and implementation of STIR/SHAKEN and the Robocall Mitigation industry eco-system, SIPNOC 2020 is a must-attend event for operational personnel and engineers from service providers of all stripes, and for individuals who are part of the Robocall and Call ID Spoofing solutions ecosystem. SIPNOC 2020 features a series of webinars that focused on issues critical to the reliable and successful deployment and operation of STIR/SHAKEN in today’s IP-based network environments, as well as associated topics including discussion of the ramifications of governmental regulatory, legislative and enforcement actions and critical security issues.