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Secure Telephone Identity Governance Authority Progresses Fight to Mitigate Illegal Robocalling by Welcoming Its 50th Service Provider

November 11, 2020

As a strong indicator of the industry’s commitment to fighting illegal robocalling, the Secure Telephone Identity Policy Administrator (STI-PA) today registered its 50th authorized service provider (SP).  SPs must be approved to secure access to the certificates needed to sign and validate calls to mitigate caller ID spoofing. The addition of a 50th SP takes place with the FCC mandate for service providers to implement more than seven months away.

In December 2019, the Secure Telephone Identity Governance Authority (STI-GA), introduced STIR/SHAKEN by launching the STI-Policy Administrator. The STI-GA provides a venue for service provider collaboration in establishing the overall governance to ensure that only approved service providers are enrolled in the SHAKEN ecosystem. The STI-GA confirms which service providers are authorized to request certificates and coordinates with STI-GA-approved Certificate Authorities to issue them. The STIR/SHAKEN signature communicates to the terminating service provider the telephone number is not spoofed. That service provider can then pass along to its customer information about the call’s trustworthiness.  A call signed with a STIR/SHAKEN certificate can convey to consumers that the call they are receiving is truly from the number shown on the caller ID.

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