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iconectiv use case substantiates how standardized site data maximizes revenue and ROI for companies that own towers and network sites

As service providers roll out new technology (like 5G) and densify their networks, it is critical that they have full visibility into the location, assets and capabilities of all available infrastructure and network sites. Companies that own and operate towers and network sites can help service providers do this—essentially optimizing their network planning and operation—by providing clear and accurate site information using the standardized industry data widely used by the telecom ecosystem.
Apr 25, 2023
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As regulators around the world combat the rise in illegal robocalls, call centers and businesses must adapt in order to get legitimate calls through to consumers

At Conecta Mexico, iconectiv’s Bob Grant will discuss how the global telecom community is working together to protect and defend the communications ecosystem. To learn more about how iconectiv’s services are focused on keeping people connected by verifying legitimate callers, stop by booth #3 on the exhibition floor to talk to our team.
Apr 11, 2023
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New iconectiv use case highlights how streamlined ordering, interconnection and billing can light up wholesale fiber revenues and ROI

As service providers roll out 5G and densify their networks, they are increasingly relinquishing end-to-end ownership and control of their networks by outsourcing links to wholesale fiber providers. A new iconectiv use case explains how wholesale fiber companies can streamline and simplify their interactions with their service provider customers to secure greater market share. Service providers use an industry-standard common language to log and describe their networks. A wholesale fiber company that applies the same standard terminology to their own network elements will instantly improve communication within their own organization—and at a competitive advantage when marketing to service providers.
Apr 6, 2023
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The new opportunity for tower companies in a 5G era

The Network Media Group recently sat down with a panel of experts at Mobile World Congress ‘23 in Barcelona to discuss the role of tower companies in the deployment of 5G. Learn how tower companies are able to partner with telecom service providers to tap into new revenue streams and speed up 5G rollouts.
Apr 4, 2023
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Greece Continues to Foster Consumer Choice and Convenience with iconectiv Number Portability New Contract

iconectiv has been providing mobile number portability service in Greece since 2004. After winning the new public tender, iconectiv will continue providing mobile and fixed number portability service for an additional five years – making Greece one of few countries in the world offering portability for both types of telecom service. For nearly 20 years, Greece has been a trailblazer in offering number portability, which helps drive innovation across service providers by offering consumers and businesses convenience and choice for their telecom needs. Number portability additionally helps Greece’s regulators more efficiently manage their numbering resources.
Mar 8, 2023
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How Trusted Communications Superheroes are Winning the Battle Against Fraud and Operational Inefficiency to Protect Customers and the Bottom Line

iconectiv takes to MWC Barcelona 2023 to showcase how communication service providers are mitigating fraud, caller ID spoofing, smishing, illegal robocalling and network inefficiency. Fraud undermines consumer trust, creating business challenges for service providers, their enterprise customers and consumers. In the shadows of service providers globally, a squadron of advanced and intelligent superheroes are diligently working to keep the integrity of the communications infrastructure and the relevancy of the communication channels intact.
Feb 15, 2023
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iconectiv Enables Fixed Number Portability in Argentina

For over a decade, iconectiv—the world leader in number portability and ambassador for trusted communication—has played a key role in enabling number portability across Argentina. On September 20, 2022, Argentina became one of the six countries in the world that support both fixed and wireless number portability, powered by iconectiv’s Number Portability Clearinghouse solution. This expansion provides choice and convenience to consumers and businesses and drives innovation among communication providers. The addition of fixed number portability helps Argentina's regulators more efficiently manage and optimize national numbering resources.
Nov 15, 2022