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The PKI Guy examines how to end robocalls with Chris Drake of iconectiv

March 31, 2020

TPG: How big is the robocall and caller ID spoofing problem?

CD: Currently over 75% of calls are left unanswered when it comes from an unidentified or unfamiliar number. This is due to the spike in illegal robocalls. In October 2019, Americans were inundated with more than 2,000 robocalls every second, which is enough to put the annual total over 49 billion. In fact, illegal robocalls represented nearly half of all unwanted calls in 2019. VoIP technology advancements have allowed a massive number of phone calls to be initiated cheaply and enabled the calling party to select what appears on the caller ID. Given this, the situation has progressively gotten worse and people are not trusting that what they see on the caller ID is correct.

Now, people are no longer answering many of the calls they should be from schools, doctors, business associates, and others. People operate with the idea that if the caller leaves a message, they will return the call. This “new normal” is wrought with inefficiencies and frustration for consumers and businesses alike – and is compromising the way people communicate and conduct business.

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