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Press Release

Number Portability Continues to Drive Convenience, Competition in Greece

April 23, 2019

BRIDGEWATER, NJ – April 23, 2019 – Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) in Greece has extended its contract with iconectiv, an authoritative partner of the global communications industry, to provide the iconectiv® TruNumber Portability Clearinghouse service in the country for another 2.5 years.  iconectiv manages the clearinghouse with support from  Nevapark Management Consulting Services.

Each year, nearly 1M Greek residents switch their personal or business phone number from one service provider to another, thanks to the national implementation of TruNumber Portability Clearinghouse service.  National number portability helps ensure that residents have the choice and convenience of selecting the service provider that best meets their personal and business telecommunications needs. 

“As one of the earliest adopters of this service, Greece is a pioneer in providing reliable fixed and mobile number portability service to its residents,” said Richard Jacowleff, President and CEO, iconectiv. “We have been delivering this service since they introduced it in 2004 and are committed to providing EETT, the service providers and residents with the high-quality service that they have enjoyed for the past 15 years.”

In addition to Greece, number portability solutions from iconectiv and its subsidiaries have been implemented worldwide, including in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, Tunisia, U.A.E., the United States and Vietnam.