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Not All Numbers Are Created Equal: Finding the Right Messaging Solution for Your Business

The business messaging landscape is constantly changing as new entrants disrupt the ecosystem. Nearly 70% of consumer brand interactions shifted to messaging during the pandemic, and this trend is expected to continue as nearly 65% of the global population send and receive SMS messages.

As both businesses and consumers continue to lean into messaging, there are several options for them to consider – from short codes and 10-digit long codes (10DLC) to toll-free numbers, rich communications services and more.

During this session at PACE ACX’22 , iconectiv’s George Cray, Senior Vice President of Information Solutions, Products and Services, explores the advantages and best practices for the most common business messaging solutions, as well as how and when each solution is most efficient.  The session differentiates between various messaging vehicles and explores the overall value and/or convenience that each messaging type presents for businesses and consumers, the costs associated with each, and other variables like security.

Listen to George Crays session at PACE ACX’22 here.

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