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A Matter of Trust: Leveraging Short Codes to Bolster Vaccine Communication Efforts

April 8, 2021

It’s been said throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that we’re all in the same storm, even if we’re not all in the same boat. For 96 percent of Americans, those very different boats all have one important thing in common – a mobile phone. When leveraged correctly, these mobile phones can execute a trustworthy and effective centralized communication that truly has everyone’s best interests at heart.

The Biden administration’s latest announcement that directed states to make every American adult eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine by May 1 marks yet another milestone in the pandemic journey. After battling COVID-19 for more than a year—successfully adopting social distancing practices, navigating remote schooling, and working and developing vaccines at an unprecedented rate—the finish line may finally be in sight. As we move toward nationwide eligibility, the logistics of helping people schedule and confirm vaccination appointments will be crucial – as will the ability to make the processes efficient and trustworthy enough to put people at ease. Technology, and text messaging specifically, has risen to this challenge in the form of short code text messaging.

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