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Mastering Telecom Dynamics with New LERG OnLine Tool

As telecom traffic continues to surge, so too does the escalating complexity of network infrastructure and operations. What’s more: Parallel to these trends is a persistent demand to optimize network performance, generate revenue, increase profitability, improve service quality and enhance market competitiveness.

To help overcome these challenging demands, network architects, engineers, telecom providers and other companies in the communications industry, have turned to the iconectiv® TruOps™ Telecom Routing Administration™ (TRA) LERG™ Routing Guide, which gives them quick and easy access to U.S., Canada and Caribbean phone routing data at the NPA/NXX and thousands-block level. As the most comprehensive repository of routing data, the LERG Routing Guide helps companies save time and potential revenue loss, and supports proper routing and completion of all calls, thereby helping maintain customer satisfaction.

To further optimize the user experience and increase accessibility to this critical routing data, iconectiv recently introduced the LERG OnLine Tool, which offers on-demand access to daily refreshed routing data. This empowers decision-makers to act swiftly and accurately, resulting in prompt troubleshooting of call completion issues and proactively preventing potential disruptions. This vital tool also eliminates the need for costly custom solutions and long waiting periods for routing data updates, thus optimizing resource utilization and operational efficiency, resulting in reliable service and high customer satisfaction.

As a web-based platform, LERG OnLine leverages the existing LERG subscription by providing instant query capabilities. For those users who desire a custom reporting function, LERG OnLine Custom Reports are available and provide extensive customization options so they can analyze routing data according to their specific needs, ensuring consistent access to up-to-date information. Its user-friendly interface caters to diverse organizational functions, from network planning to business development and number management – enabling users to easily access, view, manipulate and download data – while its daily updates ensure that communication service providers are equipped with the most current information to address today and tomorrow’s telecom challenges.

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