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Press Release

Live Webinar Co-hosted by iconectiv and VanillaPlus Focuses on Establishing Consumer Trust with RCS for Business Messaging

April 14, 2020


Live Webinar Co-hosted by iconectiv and VanillaPlus Focuses on Establishing Consumer Trust with RCS for Business Messaging

Experts to address the potential of next wave of messaging and importance of implementing user protection capabilities such as sender verification now

  • What’s the News: Webinar to discuss the potential of Rich Communication Services (RCS) and the need to proactively secure Rich Business Messaging to prevent new forms of fraud and spam.
  • Why it Matters: Rich Business Messaging is poised to be the next wave of messaging technology offering enhanced consumer engagement features such as read receipts, video, group chat and purchase options. Service providers and businesses must work to ensure that the chatbots and conversations can be trusted so consumers ultimately feel comfortable interacting with brands securely. Without this safety net the full potential of Rich Communication Services may never be fully realized.
  • Who’s it for: All involved in the Rich Business Messaging ecosytem including service providers, A2P messaging providers, automated attendendant/AI providers, enterprises, and marketers.

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. – April 14, 2020 – Voice calls, text messages and chatbots have made the business-to-consumer engagement more accessible, robust and efficient. Now, however, with consumer confidence in communications declining and billions lost each year to fraud through spam, scams and spoofs, legitimate businesses must protect their revenue, reputation and bottom-line. As the critical foundation of trust in communications is eroding, Rich Communication Services (RCS) gives service providers an opportunity to get it right—from the start – and make it an effective channel for brands to drive customer engagement and revenue.

Providing a strategic roadmap, VanillaPlus and iconectiv will host a free webinar, How Telcos Can Rebuild Trust In Communications with Rich Communication Services, on April 22, 2020, 3 p.m. UK | 10 a.m. ET. The webinar offers an in-depth conversation with industry visionaries who are building the next wave of B2C communications on a trusted foundation that will ultimately help protect businesses, promote customer-brand relationships and better engage consumers. Presenters include:

  • Cliff Holsenbeck – Senior Director, Product Management, iconectiv
  • Robin Duke-Woolley - Founder and CEO, Beecham Research
  • George Malim – Managing Editor, Vanilla Plus


Register here today to join in on the conversation.

“Rich Business Messaging creates exciting new ways to interact with customers directly via the mobile channel, which will significantly increase customer engagement,” says Holsenbeck. “That is why it is critical to enable a secure foundation from the beginning by building in sender verification and authentication capabilities that help establish consumer trust and make it a valuable customer-engagement platform for businesses.”

Holsenbeck added that Rich Business Messaging has the potential to support businesses of all sizes across every industry by providing enhanced features like read receipts, video, group chat and shopping for products and services using intelligent chatbots. Its open ecosystem, however, is vulnerable to the same malicious targets of traditional communications such as voice, text and email. The good news for service providers and businesses is that several initiatives have already launched to help ensure RCS remains a secure and trusted communications platform and delivers on its promise to enhance engagement.