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introducing the Trusted Communications Superheroes

In the ever-expanding telecom universe, there are villains trying to corrupt the trusted communications ecosystem. These superheroes—each wielding unique special powers—are laser-focused on keeping people connected, businesses running and commerce flowing by fighting against illegal robocallers and fraudsters, identifying and verifying suspicious callers, and solving service provider network and asset management complexities.  For those ready to join the legion of Trusted Communication Superheroes, we are ready for you to take your place among us.  

  • As slayer of fraud and suspicious activity—and provider of authoritative telephone number intelligence, my impenetrable shield protects legitimate businesses, communication providers and consumers from being victimized by villains trying to steal money and identities. I am Fraud Fighter!
  • As the epic unmasker of hackers and fraudsters who hide behind computer screens, my hyper-truth-sensing vision spots, verifies, blocks, and stops nuisance calls and spam to give businesses and consumers confidence to connect and keep the channels of critical communications open! I am Identification Verifier!
  • As the master of common language—and seer of all things – I can identify with precision and keep track of every financial and operational asset in the network to facilitate seamless interoperability between teams, departments, vendors, and partners. I am Asset Protector!
  • With Herculean strength, I can push digital transformation to the next level (even if it’s as high as Mount Everest) to ensure that privacy, scalability, and agility across the entire digital value chain continue to evolve. I am Operations Guardian!

Join the Trusted Communications Superheroes Today

Download the free Superhero Identity Kit—which includes an infographic, virtual background, and other trusted communications digital assets – to find out!

And stay tuned to learn more about the adventure these superheroes are taking on!

trusted communications superheroes