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Interview with Kathy Timko Who Oversaw “Largest It Project In Us Telecom Industry History”

January 28, 2019

It was called the largest IT project in United States telecom industry history, and Kathy Timko, of iconectiv (Bridgewater), was overseeing it to completion.

The final May 2018 deadline came and went. The project that she had started five years before was finally finished. But no one noticed, Timko said. Certainly not the 425 million customers in the nationwide system that includes 650 million phone numbers and 1,400 phone companies.

Timko and her team simply went about their business, directing a project to ensure that customers in the United States could keep their telephone numbers when switching providers.

“Nobody really noticed it, which is something you really want to have happen. If someone noticed, then something is broken. But no one noticed, which is the best possible outcome,” she said.

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