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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is an annual global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements by women.

At iconectiv, we are proud to celebrate the women who are dedicated to making the global telecommunications ecosystem a better, safer place.

iconectiv’s Connie Hartman, Product Management, Senior Manager, and Sharon Dileo, Director of Product Management, shared their thoughts on celebrating international women’s day and reflect on the career they’ve built in the telecommunications industry.

When asked their thoughts on celebrating International Women’s Day, Dileo said “International Women’s Day is a global event that celebrates and acknowledges the success of ordinary women who work tirelessly to achieve extraordinary results. It is important to raise awareness of the progress made to advance women’s rights and gender equality, but it is critically important to remain focused to achieve all the initiatives that are ahead of us. We acknowledge all the success, which did not come easily, but there is proof that all things are possible with unified goals, commitment, dedication and perseverance.”

Hartman added “Celebrating and recognizing the achievements of women from various cultures around the world is important. It is especially important to recognize not just the achievements of women themselves but the progress of cultural changes that provide greater opportunities for women around the world to achieve success as well as in prominent government and political positions.”

Reflecting on their proudest professional career moment, Hartman said “I was most proud to be an employee when iconectiv successfully deployed the NPAC with a woman as the Executive Vice President of LNPA Services leading the team.”

Dileo said “I was extremely fortunate to be offered an opportunity to be a member of the iconectiv NPAC team.  As a product team, we worked together, to implement a new system for local number portability administration services in the United States. It involved developing a system that interfaced with an extensive number of incumbent service providers and government entities and managing the portability of millions of phone numbers. It was all due to outstanding, selfless individuals who made up an unforgettable, milestone- driven team.  I could not be prouder of what we were able to achieve collectively.  The day we went live was indescribable.  We were running on adrenaline, and it was just such an honor to be part of something so grand!”

As women in the telecommunications industry, Dileo and Hartman were asked to share advice to young women aspiring to grow in the industry.

“To young women who are aspiring to build a career in telecommunications, never stop learning. This industry moves at warp speed! Look for ways to build knowledge gaps to remain relevant.

Develop and exercise your network. Doing an excellent job is only one part of the equation to realize a successful career. Your “village” is integral to this equation.

Establish a relationship with a mentor. Having someone who can counsel, coach, and advise you on how to advance your goals is immeasurable. 

Maintain a good work / life balance. Oh, this one is hard, but it is so important.  Without balance, burnout can wreak havoc on you personally and professionally.

If you need it, ask for help! It is hard to expose a vulnerability, but there are so many people who are willing and able to provide a lifeline, but do your homework, first!

Celebrate your accomplishments. Be proud of your contributions and acknowledge those who enabled your success,” said Dileo.

Hartman noted the importance of utilizing your network and building relationships, “I have crossed paths with many women in the telecommunications industry who were willing to share their knowledge and experience with other women to help each other be successful. Align yourself with at least one or two successful women in the industry who are willing to mentor you.”

We honor and applaud Connie and Sharon, as well as the many other inspirational women that make iconectiv who we are today.