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The Impact that Towers, Neutral Hosts and Data Centers Have on Telcos and 5G Rollouts

NMG Webinar Features Experts from AvidThink, Futurum Research, iconectiv and Orkay Consulting

What: The success of digital transformation and next-generation communication deployments like 5G hinges on a coordinated approach across the ecosystem. With many service providers in the early stages of the significant network upgrades required to deploy next-generation apps and services, they are looking at how to fully monetize 5G. In addition, maximizing 5G profitability means communications service providers (CSPs) need to decide which use cases to focus on and which ecosystems to join. Neutral host business models and partnerships allow CSPs to reduce the expense of building and operating the small cells and data centers required for their use cases and applications. 

The role that neutral hosts, data centers and companies that own, operate and manage towers have in supporting Telcos and 5G rollouts is the focus of a new webinar from Network Media Group.

Available on demand, “Towers, Neutral Hosts and Data Centers: The Impact on Telcos and 5G Rollouts” covers a range of topics and questions, such as:

  • What the key factors are in driving the increase of neutral host infrastructures.
  • Why industry alignment is important given the scope and increase in interactions between CSPs, neutral hosts and companies that own, operate and manage towers and other network sites.
  • Best practices that companies should follow or be considerate of, to ensure efficiency, automation and alignment across the ecosystem.
  • With 5G starting to turn edge use cases like C-V2X [Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything] into real-world applications, how should mobile network operators be seizing these new opportunities and forming ecosystem partnerships with autonomous vehicle manufacturers?
  • The ways in which hyper-scalers are partnering with CSPs and creating their own neutral host initiatives for private wireless networking applications.
  • Emerging areas where neutral hosts could help CSPs monetize their 5G networks faster and better.

Who: Hosted by Network Media Group Publisher Abe Nejad, the webinar features telecom industry experts:

  • Roy Chua – Founder, AvidThink
  • John Hayes – Senior Director, iconectiv
  • Ravi Puvvala – Managing Director, Orkay Consulting
  • Ron Westfall – Senior Analyst, Research Director, Futurum Research

Where: You can watch “Towers, Neutral Hosts and Data Centers: The Impact on Telcos and 5G Rollouts” on demand here.