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iconectiv Senior Vice President George Cray Takes His Fraud-Fighting Expertise to the Global Speaker Circuit in 2022

Replays of his speaking engagements at MWC22 GSMA FinTech Summits now available

Mobile phone numbers now rival Social Security and driver’s license numbers as the personal identifier that consumers use to register for financial services – now making them the data of choice for account takeovers and other identity theft. Fraudsters use social engineering to obtain a consumer’s phone number and port it to their device at a new service provider. That can then give them access to that consumer’s bank accounts, bitcoin, payment services and more by having login passwords sent to the newly ported phone number. By the time the consumer or their financial institution find out, the fraudsters may have taken over access to the accounts.

During several global industry panel sessions in 2022, telecom fraud expert and iconectiv Senior Vice President George Cray provided insights on how the telecom industry is helping banks and other financial services firms fight back – proactively. Cray also explored a wide range of other fraud-related topics during these panel sessions – including the rise of scam and other attack vectors the industry faces, what’s being done to address them, ways to protect financial services firms and their customers from fraudsters, and more.

Replays of these 2022 panel sessions can be found here:

MWC22 Las Vegas FinTech Summit: Fighting the Rise of Financial Crime

MWC22 Barcelona FinTech Summit: The Rise of Scam Attacks